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You pay us to listen, think and do.

From Strategy to Active Management

We’re perfect for organizations that can’t seem to get what they need internally or that find big agency is frustrating or too expensive.

Marketing Planning

A marketing plan outlines the destination and the route to get there. Get organized, focus your efforts and resources in the right places. Perfect if you don’t know where to start or are spinning your wheels.

Marketing Management

The ongoing management and execution of day-to-day marketing activities, collaboration with internal and external partners, and accountability of the marketing function.

Other Deliciously Nerdy Stuff We do


Beks Marketing builds simple websites using themes and the WordPress core. Beks also trains and educates on WordPress.


B2B apps are perfect for engaging your clients in a closed loop environment, and sharing information on a more intimate level.


Make the first impression with new employees incredible. We have experience with internal communication and employee onboarding.

Good, ethical marketing that is creative, interesting, story and brand focused. Smart.

We're Super Helpful for these types.

Corporate Marketing

Corporate marketing departments that have a plan or project to be done and they have a gap on their team. Rather than hire a full-time employee, they contract me out. I am also hired on a regular basis to provide mentorship to existing teams.

Small to Medium Enterprises

Companies can work with me in two ways: hire me to develop your marketing plan; or hire me to provide ongoing management of your marketing program.


Consulting firms, design firms, and other marketing agencies hire me as a contractor to develop marketing plans and to fill any marketing strategy gaps on their accounts. You work with your clients and I work behind the scenes to support you.

The Term "Marketing Hired Gun" Comes to Mind

Jason Bekdashe

(aka “The Beks”)


Jason’s background in marketing research gives him a rare and distinctive approach in his work as a creative marketing professional.

Industry Experience

  • Automotive
  • Financial Services
  • Oil & Gas
  • Construction
  • Interior Design
  • Spa & Hotel
  • Restaurant
  • Insurance Services
  • Consulting
  • Technology
  • HVAC + Air Conditioning
  • Waste Management

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