Doing the Work

The Whisper


Have I ever told you about the “ladder” exercise? If you’ve been through my “Do it Yourself Marketing” Program, then you probably remember “the ladder.” We use the “ladder” to keep asking the question “why” until we get to the ultimate goal of your key message(s) which are to meet a desire or need.

I challenged myself to ask why and continue to ask why – specifically about Beks Marketing. Why does it exist? Why does it need to exist?

"...we build something out of something that starts as being immaterial – we have just an idea or a vision, and then all of a sudden, it takes shape and becomes something.​"

Climbing the Ladder

At the lower rungs of the ladder we say things like – to provide companies with an alternative outsourced marketing solution. Or to offer an alternative to a traditional agency. Etc. Do those tug at your heartstrings? Probably not.

That’s because they’re not deep enough.

After hours of pondering (or not pondering*), I remembered something a client told me a while ago.

“You know why I like working with you?” (Client)
“Yep. Because I’m creative?” (Me)
“No. That’s not it at all.” (Client)
“Why?” (Me, slightly offended)
“It’s because you always listen.” (Client)
Where am I going with this? When I think about Beks Marketing – do we exist because we listen? That’s not quite it. But listening is an essential attribute of our overall core purpose (my core purpose).

Why do we exist?

Ultimately, if I continue to ask the “why” about work, I would say at the deepest level or highest rung on the ladder, it is ” to create value.” That might be the same for you.

Here’s why.

Human beings are created to well, create. We’ve been doing it forever. And often, we build something out of something that starts as being immaterial – we have just an idea or a vision, and then all of a sudden, it takes shape and becomes something.

Look at your business. You create value for your clients, your employees, your colleagues, your industry, and ultimately your communities.

The result is a positive contribution to that something.

* Sometimes thinking about it some more doesn’t help. It clouds the “gut check.”

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Listening is our Key

It might be more critical than ever before to be working with people that listen. That’s because the areas where you can create value are very quiet. They tiptoe around us every day. They’re a whisper in a meeting or body language over a coffee. What does this person (business) really need? How can my interaction help provide a positive result? How can I move them ahead of where they were when we first met?

Our world today is just so noisy and distracting.

This sort of awareness, listening, and seeing is the approach we want to take when we work together. Keep us accountable to it.

Is your professional or core purpose the same as ours – to create value?

How do you do it?

Find Something Interesting?

Through open conversation and informal brainstorming, we can all take something valuable away from new ideas and trends. We’d be happy to discuss what we’ve written here today and get your thoughts. We want to know what you think.