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Marketing Strategy

Marketing plans are developed to include four key components: Market Research, Brand Strategy, Recommendations, and Marketing Budget and outline marketing activities for 12 – 18 months.

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Traditional Marketing Plan

The traditional “hire-an-expert-so-you-can-focus-on-running-the-business” approach. We do all of the research, strategy and present the solution. You are part of the process, are kept in the loop, but not driving the development of the plan.

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DIY Plan With Coaching

Instead of hiring us to do your plan, you do it yourself but with coaching and guidance. Ideal for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and in-house marketing teams. You’re doing the work. We coach you through it.


Components of the Beks Plan



  • Conducting customer and stakeholder interviews
  • Evaluation of industry trends and competitor positioning
  • Analysis of existing marketing activities
  • Analysis of customer satisfaction data
  • Evaluation of brand expression and alignment
  • Evaluation of current marketing spend and optimization


Brand Strategy

  • Development of brand narrative / brand story
  • Development of brand guidelines and policy
  • Development of brand positioning statement
  • Development of key marketing messages



  • Identify and clarify marketing objectives
  • Strategies to strengthen brand image and positioning
  • Strategies to advertise, promote, and build brand awareness online and offline
  • Strategies to leverage opportunities for revenue growth
  • Strategies to generate and nurture leads
  • Strategies to increase customer engagement
  • Strategies to support the entire sales funnel
  • Strategies to leverage marketing technology and integrate with CRMs
  • Recommendations on how to measure marketing effectiveness



  • Establish your marketing budget
  • Recommendation on resourcing (contractors, suppliers, and partners to execute)
  • Marketing manager hiring support and evaluation

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So, What's is the plan?

Plans must be customer-informed and data-informed to make sure you get a return on what you are spending. Because of this, a well-designed marketing plan should be developed by someone with competency in creative marketing, marketing research, and measurement.

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