Marketing Management


Marketing management is a monthly program and includes the ongoing management and execution of day-to-day marketing activities, collaboration with internal and external partners, and the ongoing measurement of all marketing activities.

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Sales Support

  • Collaborate with sales to generate, track and nurture leads
  • Collaborate
    with sales to increase customer engagement
  • Collaborate with sales to support the sales funnel with marketing materials

Ongoing Management

  • Manage the content development process for landing pages, websites, social media, and lead generation
  • Manage online and offline advertising
  • Collaborate with internal and external partners to develop new marketing campaigns
  • Management of external marketing agencies and/or designers
  • Manage email campaigns
  • Preparation and support for trade shows and events
  • Manage marketing automation programs
  • Manage the development of marketing materials


  • Prepare and analyze marketing data and make recommendations
  • Report on the effectiveness of the overall marketing program
  • Analyze marketing budget and marketing return on investment
  • Identify ways to optimize data collection and improve marketing effectiveness

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Effective and accountable marketing management requires experienced people who can bridge the gap between analytics and marketing execution, so that marketing spend can be optimized.

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