The Future of Waste

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The Garbage Man (TGM Waste) was purchased by a long-time friend and client who had a ton of experience in technology and recycling. The company had a long history of providing exceptional service to Strathcona county in waste disposal and junk removal, and this company seemed to be a perfect fit for its new owner.

A few months into running the company, TGM Waste asked us to get involved at a strategic level of the company but to also head up the design of a new logo, content, and website.

We’re continually looking for the hook – what would make TGM Waste different from other waste disposal companies? Back to the new owner of the organization who has their perfect blend of experience, but it was his vision that got us interested. A hippy at heart, the new owner, wanted more than anything to do something about the plight of waste and the effect it has on the environment. He would use the TGM platform to play a role in the future of sustainable waste management practices.

There is a lot of work to do, but it’s a perfect time to roll up our sleeves. The waste management industry is experiencing disruption. The brand elements provide a platform and a slant to which to come to the table with solutions – one that is organic, ground level, accessible and friendly. Could a waste management company like TGM Waste inspire you to be more conscious of how you consume and discard?


The Garbage Man


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