Hey Beautiful!

Website Design

FabHab has plunged right into the interior design scene in Alberta. Navin Sidhu is the founder and principal designer of the firm, and her clean yet bold designs have made their way into some of the most fashionable design shows, including our personal favourite, Vignettes.

You can guess, we were a little bit nervous when the very posh brand asked us to design and develop their website. FabHab knows what looks good and they’re perfectionists. We would have to work hard to do this brand justice as we created their front-door online. We took it on as a challenge.

This project is an excellent example of how we must always approach the work. There are two must-have ingredients to making a site like this successful:

First, we must collaborate. Navin dialed us into her aesthetic and her vision for the FabHab brand. We spent enough time together until we were crystal clear about what FabHab was all about. Also, we batted the web copy back and forth between us until it felt just right. Both parties were vested in the success of this significant piece to their business.

The second is beautiful photography. FabHab commissioned several photographers, one of whom was Aaron Pederson. Aaron was very familiar to us as we’ve asked him to work with many of our other clients. Gorgeous photos are a non-negotiable on any promotional website, especially in an industry vertical like this.

Hey Beautiful!

Aaron Pederson’s headshot of Navin was evoked the brand so well. We felt inspired to write the headline “Hey beautiful…spaces should be functional.” FabHab’s differentiation lies in the fact that not only do they have a great aesthetic but have the rigor and detail orientation of an engineer. Hence the “functional” part of the headline (Navin’s background was engineering before she started in interior design).




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