A Canadian Take on Traditional Spa

Brand Strategy & Marketing Management

If you are from Alberta, you are most likely familiar with Kananaskis Nordic Spa. And that’s because this brand garnered an estimated 450 M earned media impressions in just ten months.

In the first year, Kananaskis Nordic Spa successfully put a Canadian twist on the Scandinavian tradition of the Nordic spa. Perhaps, more importantly, as the first of its kind in Alberta, Kananaskis Nordic Spa redefined the meaning of “spa.” Rather than be a treat or a place to pamper oneself, this was a place that you would go to often, to reset, recover, and get ready for your next big challenge, whatever that might be. Kananaskis Nordic Spa is your alpine sanctuary.

Along with expert public relations firm Paper Road Communications, we took on this very ambitious brand to bring something unique to Alberta – a traditional wellness experience with a uniquely Canadian twist. Paper Road would handle all media, public relations, and content writing. Beks would project manage design, develop an online presence, and implement marketing technologies. Both firms would share and elevate brand strategy. Our partnership along with key partners covered all traditional agency support roles, but also made this brand grow faster – our size allowed for quick pivots which are a challenge in the traditional agency-client relationship.

Beks and Paper Road built on the identity that was developed by another agency. To stand out, along with Anh Au Design, developed and applied visual systems to print, web, and social platforms. Everything you see that is Kananaskis Nordic Spa was a collaboration between partners and client.

Looking at the new year, Beks is leading the charge on an enhanced web presence and implementing customer service technologies, such as a chatbot to answer customer questions via Facebook. Both Paper Road and Beks will look to work closely with the client to develop a mature the brand into a true wellness source of knowledge for its customers. We encourage you to follow them on social and sign up for their newsletter here.


Kananaskis Nordic Spa


Some impressive stats in less than 12 months:
  • 19,400 Instagram followers
  • over 450M earned media impressions
  • over 550M website page views


  • Brand strategy
  • Social media marketing
  • Online experience
  • Chatbot response system
  • Integrations with MindBody CRM system
  • A strategic social Influencer program