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Let's Do Our Best Work

As your marketing team, our work is intrinsically creative. It’s part business and part art. The privilege (and sometimes burden) of creativity is that it needs the right kind of mojo to work well. What motivates my team of creative partners and me is the opportunity to do work that we are proud of, our best work.

To do our best work, here is what we look for in a client:

Collaboration – Stick to your commitments, follow through on action items from meetings, take notes, and deliver your part of the deliverable. We’re a part of your team and you’re part of ours. We’ll create something so much better if we do the work together.

Budget – Experienced marketing and design people are not cheap. You need to have a reasonable amount of funds to invest in a quality program.

Autonomy – If you have to get sign off from someone else in your organization, we won’t get very far very fast. To keep project momentum on track, our main contact for the project (you) must be the final decision maker on creative, writing (copy), and budget.

Open-minded – Good design is strategic and intentional. We don’t pick something because we think it looks good—we base design decisions on an overall brand story we are trying to tell. Be open to the fact that what will appeal to your market could look different from what you personally like.

Trust – In the end, you will need to let go and trust us to do our work. You hired us for a reason, and our experience should make you feel comfortable that we have it covered. If you don’t have this confidence, we need to fix it right away.

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Are We a Good Fit?

You should always work with a marketing partner that gets you. If you like what you’re seeing, we should talk.