Corporate Storytelling: Preserving Your Company’s Future

MARKETING STRATEGY Corporate Storytelling There are some formative moments in any culture that get lost if they’re not documented and shared. Leaders who pass on what they’ve learned through adversity ultimately impact generations to come. Those who do not share these experiences, withhold invaluable wisdom and perspective that would otherwise benefit the community they led […]

A Call to Publish

MARKETING STRATEGY A Call to Publish You’re likely familiar with the term “content marketing.” You might even think you leverage content marketing as part of your current marketing strategy. Today, I want to talk to you specifically about being your own publisher and building a brand platform. Building a brand platform isn’t a new idea […]

Non-Profits: Making the “Ask” as a True Partner

DOING THE WORK A True Partner I have volunteered my time for non-profit boards before. During those times, I was in the throes of fundraising too. Typically, everyone on the board made a list of targets and you would go after those targets for a financial contribution or a gift in-kind. Now seeing the other […]

Ignoring Your Competitors

What role do our competitors play when we are crafting a marketing plan or business strategy? Do they create unnecessary noise or provide us with market intelligence? Does it matter what their tactics or strategies are if our compass is tightly dialed to the merits of our brand merits? Do we deliver on our brand […]

How I Work on Fridays (Don’t Worry, It’s Good for You Too)

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_single_image image=”2397″ img_size=”full” alignment=”center”][vc_column_text] THE BULLETS: To be creative, you need deep focus Deep focus is impossible with the myriad of notifications, emails, text messages, etc… My solution: Lock myself in a room with no internet to do better work for my clients! As you can imagine, marketing is a creative profession. To be creative, […]