Marketing Plans

Well suited to organizations that are not following a marketing plan and their current marketing initiatives are falling short of objectives. Ideal if your business is starting to get more serious about marketing or you’d like to have a more systemized approach to your current program.

Marketing Management

This is well suited to organizations where the owner is spending too much time on marketing or where the business development function is missing a strategic marketing partner to support their sales efforts.

DIY Marketing Programs

Beks Marketing has developed an effective and affordable planning system for small businesses and entrepreneurs to develop their own marketing plans.

Who Do We Work With?

Corporate Marketing Departments

Corporate marketing departments that have a plan or project to be done and they have a gap on their team. Rather than hire a full-time employee, they contract me out.

Consultants and Agencies

Consulting firms and marketing agencies hire me as a contractor to develop marketing plans and to fill any marketing strategy gaps on their accounts.

Small – Medium Sized Organizations

Companies can work with me in two ways: hire me to develop your strategic marketing plan; or hire me to provide ongoing management of your marketing program.